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Red Pure Silk Blouse with Durga Maa face embroidered on back and sleeves.

Price: Rs. 4500


Black Pure Silk Blouse with elephant embroidered with sequins and gold zari all over the hands and back of the blouse.

Price: Rs. 4500


Red Pure Silk with peacock embroidered blouse with thread and zari .

Price: Rs. 5200


Grey Pure Silk blouse with gota work embroidery

Price: Rs 6200


Red Pure Silk blouse with elephants embroidered with gold colour beads.

Price: Rs 3800


These Beautiful Designer Embroidered Blouse collection is from Aahamori

To Purchase these embroidered blouses please contact Aahamori here

Aahamori FB Page

Phone:+91 982.024.8713 (Amritha Bhattacharjee)

Email: [email protected]

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